A London Wedding

A London Wedding

This summer we had some amazing weddings where we were serving our pizza’s. One of the weddings to remember was a special event in London at the deck at the National Theatre. It was a bit of a squeeze and hard work for us in the heat (hard to image today) but it was worth it to see the couple and guests enjoying the evening, venue and company – with a beautiful view.


Wedding London catering 3

In the evening when the guest where enjoying music and dancing surrounded by amazing decorations, we served our wood fired authentic pizza’s buffet style. The groom, Tai, who runs a a residential & commercial design & build company, put all his professional skills to use to turn the reception space at the Westminster Boasting base into a wedding wonderland.

Courtesy of Stonelock Photography you can see some of the magical wedding day here. The photographers actually enjoyed our wood fired pizza themselves very much after a days of hard work. ‘Such a novel idea for catering for an event’ was their feedback which we greatly appreciate as they visit a lot of weddings. 

Find out more about our wedding offering and how you can add some festival atmosphere to your wedding day have a look here.

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