Wood Fired Pizza Lovers

Wood Fired Pizza Lovers

We receive some lovely reviews from pizza lovers.

“Fantastic innovative flavours, REAL Italian pizza, wood fired”
Great authentic pizzas cooked in a wood fired oven. Great innovative flavours. So glad I chanced upon this a few years ago when doing a google search of wood fired pizzas in my area, and have been a regular customer since. The quality of the ingredients is second to none and they taste OH SO GOOD! Good eating!!!

“Taste of Italy”
Homemade authentic Italian Pizza. They really are the best and well worth the wait. You won’t wait to go anywhere else!

“Fantastic additional to 30th birthday party!”
Thank you Pizza Project for such a fantastic evening! We hired you for my partner’s 30th birthday and you really made the party! Your pizzas are amazing and the chilled out style where you turn up, cook at the venue and then serve into the night really made the party unique and something we will remember for a long time!”

“Best pizza we’ve ever had!”
Great guys doing a fantastic job. Delicious, fresh ingredients, pizza night is the best night of the week!

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