We joined Talya and Aron from The Source for a very special evening, packed with inspiration for planning any event. View the highlights of the evening above!



Under the cover of an innovative stretch marquee from Stretch and Tents, we discussed every aspect of creating a truly memorable summer event, from creative floral corsages to mesmerising live entertainment, plus, of course, the perfect food options (you guessed it – pizza).

We fired up the oven and got busy stretching and topping our homemade dough, proved for 48 hours to achieve that perfect rise. Jonny explained what makes the Pizza Project pizzas so authentic and delicious, from sourcing the highest-quality, local ingredients to the traditional methods we use to hand-stretch the dough and cook it fresh to order.



At the Pizza Project, we cater for all kinds of events, from weddings (all sizes, styles and locations) to corporate functions (big or small) and everything in between. Get in touch today to discuss your vision for your event and we’d be delighted to help it come to life.


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What does Jonny McCoy, the Pizza Project founder, think makes our pizzas taste so amazing? Hear directly from the man himself!

Whenever anyone asks me what my favourite pizza is, my answer is always the same: I love margherita. Simple, I know. But, made well – with fresh basil, soft dough, tangy tomatoes and creamy cheese – and cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven, there is nothing quite like it. Since I first learnt age-old Neapolitan pizza-making skills from the Italian National Pizza College, I have been driven by a love of simple, authentic pizza that tastes incredible. Here’s how our pizza caterers make our wood-fired pizzas taste so good.


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For me, the dough is everything. A soft, springy and well-risen dough that lovingly hugs the delicious fresh toppings is the true indicator of an amazing pizza. At The Pizza Project, our tasty handmade dough enjoys a luxurious 48-hour prove, so that it is beautifully elastic and rises perfectly when cooked. Sometimes, we let it prove for up to three days! Ours is thinner than a classic Neapolitan dough, as we think this lets our ingredients truly shine through and makes our pizza beautifully light.


All our pizzas are hand-stretched and created fresh to order, which is key to achieving that amazing rustic taste. This is something we’re incredibly proud of, which is why we make our pizzas in front of our customers, whether we’re serving pizza at weddings or cooking up a storm at one of our weekly mobile pizza street food pitches!


If I have learnt one thing from the Neapolitan pizza masters, it’s that a wood-fired pizza will only taste amazing if it is made using high-quality, fresh ingredients. Our zingy tomatoes are sourced from the volcanic soil and endless sunshine of Naples – the most delicious tomatoes in the world and the only option for true Neapolitan pizza! Our cheese is made by family-run Italian company Carnevale, using English milk and exquisite Italian expertise. We buy all our fruits and vegetables from Covent Garden Market, so that we can make sure they are fresh and locally sourced. And all our meat comes from British charcuterie Cannon & Cannon, whose produce is reared and cured in England for that unbeatable freshness and rich taste.


As far as cooking spot-on pizza street food in London goes, a classic stone oven is a must. It gives pizza that classic Neapolitan flavour that just cannot be achieved with gas or electric alternatives. Our purpose-built wood-fired stone ovens produce an extreme dry heat that is essential for cooking a truly authentic pizza using age-old Neapolitan methods. As well as enabling us to achieve that rustic taste, it also means we can cook our thin-based pizzas in just two minutes! For people who want pizza at weddings or pizza caterers for a corporate event, this is ideal – no long waits, no hassle: just fresh, wood-fired pizza within minutes.

To find out more about Neapolitan-style pizza street food in London, contact us at The Pizza Project today. If you don’t think our pizzas taste amazing (you will), we’ll eat our chef hats!



The summer of 2016 is almost over and The Pizza Project have provided mobile pizza catering at so many great weddings this summer. From Central London street markets to coastal retreats in Sussex, we really have seen a huge variety of pizza catering at weddings this year.

We wanted to share one wedding in particular, a festival inspired wedding in Richmond, London. The event was very much inspired by festivals but also had a formal touch to it. Obviously we were there to add to the festival vibe with our wood fired pizzas served directly from our mobile pizza oven.

It all started with the formal church wedding with all the normal formalities but as soon as they came out of the church the festival vibe started. After a short walk to the field, normally used by the scouts, they were welcomed by a double teepee. The prosecco started flowing and we served beautiful canapés in & around the teepee. There was a selection of rocket & walnut pesto bruschetta, parma ham & fig and classic bruschetta as well as mozzarella balls.

The Pizza Project’s mobile pizza catering was served up as the main event wedding breakfast. Pizzas were served buffet style and as the happy couple had opted for lots of our lovely extras too, the buffet looked amazing. In addition to the four pizzas there was couscous with grilled vegetables with lemon and mint salad, mixed leave salad with home made vinaigrette and wood fired grilled artichoke and sunblushed tomatoes.


Mobile pizza catering at a wedding is a brilliant way to creates a lovely atmosphere, the guests join the short queue and can watch and discuss as the authentic wood fired pizzas are prepared, cooked and served hot and fresh.


All the guest and most importantly the bride and groom loved it – many congratulations to them on their wedding day.

If you are interested in mobile pizza catering at your wedding or party event please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us now, or you can send an email to



Are you planning for your special wedding day and considering how to handle pizza catering? There are so many options, some more formal and some more traditional – did you know that pizza can be silver-cutlery-and-waited-tables-posh, or it can be a brilliant al fresco centrepiece or an evening snack perfect for your reception’s party atmosphere? Pizza is very versatile and we wanted to showcase just a handful of the amazing ways we’ve performed pizza catering for a variety of weddings over the years.

If you’re considering pizza catering for your wedding, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re happy to help, offer advice and send you a quote. You can read more about our wedding catering services here:


If you have more guests arriving in the evening for a reception or a party, then pizza makes a brilliant evening snack. Wood-fired pizza is an ideal option for the evening, it’s informal, our ovens add a theatrical and social centrepiece and you can serve lots of guests fast! Our pizzas are cooked fast and we’ll continue to keep the buffet tables stacked with hot pizzas just out of the oven.



Festival style weddings have deservedly become one of the most popular themed wedding styles. Following the popularity and culture of music and art festivals they usually take place outdoors, using large marquees or teepees. Wood-fired pizza is a classic and very popular at music and art festivals and many festival weddings also opt for pizza! Our stone wood-fired pizza ovens fit right into the theme, and we often decorate them with flowers, props and more to match the festival theme!



Buffet catering frees your guests from the table and allows them to mingle and walk up and choose their own food. Our wood-fired pizzas are a brilliant option for a buffet table because guests can choose from a variety of pizzas and salads. We can also prepare antipasti and canapes to be served for buffet guests.



Taking the festival style wedding one level further, why not invite a few food stalls? In addition to the wood-fired pizza you could have Thai food, fish & chips and an artisan burger van?! A food festival caters for lots of different tastes and makes an amazing social hub for your guests. You’ll want to ensure each vendor can prepare and serve smaller portions (like pizza by the slice). Food tokens can also be handed out to guests to ensure they all get a taste of everything!

Pizza Project has been catering for weddings for over 5 years. Our stone wood-fired pizza ovens have been used in a huge variety of ways, and importantly, always leave our clients and their guests satisfied. If you would like to learn more about what we offer, visit our wedding catering page now.



Saying ‘I do’ has always gone hand-in-hand with tradition. It is considered ‘the norm’ to get married indoors in a church or a registry office, and then follow the ceremony with a formal drinks reception, sit-down meal and a disco (all mainly indoors!). 

Nowadays, though, a lot of couples just want their big day to be about having fun. That’s why the DIY festival wedding is so popular – it is the perfect option for alternative brides and grooms who simply want a chilled-out day where they, their friends and their family can all relax and have a good time.



Rather than sticking to traditional wedding formalities, the DIY festival wedding is all about creativity and fashioning the big day into something unique – whether that is with upcycled jam jars as candle holders, white-washed bedroom drawers filled with wild flowers, or a washing line where guests can peg Polaroid snaps with messages of love scrawled on them.

The bohemian, carefree spirit of the DIY festival wedding means that most of the day takes place outdoors, with food served from a stall or van and eaten on hay bales, picnic benches or blankets on the floor. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a festival wedding without live music, so most DIY weddings will have a few bands planned to really ramp up the festival fun at the after-party.

Venues can range farms and barns, to open fields with huge festival-style tipis and tents. For the little ones, there may be old-fashioned games like a coconut shy or ring toss, or perhaps a secret garden with a fairy-lit den and wooden swings.


At festivals like Glastonbury or Reading, food plays almost as large a part as the music. It’s all about vendors like wood-fired pizza caterers selling moreish and easy-to-eat street food. Serving up delicious pizza at weddings is an ideal way to keep your guests happy. Not only does it taste amazing, but it is easy to eat (use your hands!) and with a range of fresh toppings you can cater to all your guest’s tastes. Pizza is the perfect reminder of the hazy, carefree summer evenings that the festival season brings. Our pizza ovens also make a vibrant centrepiece, where guests can interact with our chefs and try a variety of wood-fired pizzas. The subtle smoky flavour of our wood-fired dough is just beautiful when washed down with some fizzing Prosecco and good music as the sun sets.

So, if you want to give your guests a DIY festival wedding dinner they’ll always remember, our wood-fired pizza options are perfect. We are at the heart of the London pizza street food scene, have catered for hundreds of weddings and parties over the years and we know you’ll be delighted!




Pizza Project are very excited to announce a new regular pizza street food location at the Prince of Wales Reigate pub, a short walk from Reigate station. The team will arrive at the pub and be ready to serve pizzas from 17:00 every Tuesday! Please call ahead with your order.


Our pizzas are hand-made using traditional Italian methods. We create fresh dough (never frozen!) and let it sit for 24 hours before it is hand-stretched and prepared with toppings. We try hard to keep our menu stocked with an exciting mix of flavours, and rotate our Meaty and Vegetarian specials every few weeks.

You can view the full menu here.


During our street food pitch at Prince of Wales Reigate feel free to order your pizza and enjoy a swift drink while we prepare it – but remember our wood-fired pizza ovens can cook a pizza in under 2 minutes! The pub staff are also more than happy for customers to eat Pizza Project pizza inside the pub – get the best of both worlds!

Catering outside means that occasionally the weather controls our schedule. Please do check our street food locations page, and our Facebook page for the latest weekly updates. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Have you tried our pizzas? If so you’ll be very glad to hear that we also offer catering services for weddings, private events and corporate parties. Our mobile pizza ovens and vans can travel throughout the South East to your venue. Please get in touch today if you’re interested in a free catering quote.


As many of you know we learned the technique of Italian Artisan dough making by completing an SNP course with the National Pizza College and Pizzerias. This is an association highly regarded in Italy – we have a love for Italian food.

In Italy you see many people eating out on the street, enjoying their wood in the warm weather. We have taken this concept to the streets of Surrey. Unfortunately we have to put up with the Great British weather so we do and you still get to enjoy the food but mostly in the comfort of your own home. We love the long summer evenings where our customers come and enjoy our wood fired pizza in the park in Sanderstead or watching the cricket in Merstham.

We have been doing some ‘research’ in Italy in here our some insights into the food and behaviour on the streets of Italy:

  • Espresso is served hot and cheaper when drunk at the bar. A quick shot of caffeine before heading for off for your next task.
  • Dinner is late so if you get hungry between meals there is anti-pasta with a gold glass of vino from any bar.
  • Beauty is everywhere and everything. Beautiful clothes, smartly dressed people and beautifully presented yummy food.
  • Gelato is so popular and representative of the culture, you can even find it to display Dolce & Gabbana shoes. Try and find the all-natural one as they are popping up in the cities now.
  • Chocolate is served as little treats, maybe 15-20g so nothing like full bars of chocolate you get in England – thats a real small treat and not too damaging for your health.



To get the best quality pizza you need the best quality ingredients. Let’s talk about our dough. 

We use age old Italian Artisan technique when making dough. We learned this technique by completed an SNP course with the National Pizza College and Pizzerias, this is an association highly regarded in Italy.

We start early in the week to make our dough which is always fresh never frozen. First we prepare the dough by hand stretching it – with love! The secret is to slow-rise the dough which takes a minimum of 24 hours. So when you come to visit us on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday at our pitches, be aware we have been working on your convenient meal the day before to get you the best quality pizza. We take at least 24 hours to prove which is the time required for the complex sugars within the flour to breakdown. This method gives it better flavour but also means its easier digestion for you.

You may know the slow rising method from sour dough breads which are widely available now in supermarkets. This method makes our pizza dough are more easily digested than the more modern quick proven breads and doughs.

Come and enjoy one of our pizza’s made with hand stretched slow rise dough soon. For our locations see here.