Saying ‘I do’ has always gone hand-in-hand with tradition. It is considered ‘the norm’ to get married indoors in a church or a registry office, and then follow the ceremony with a formal drinks reception, sit-down meal and a disco (all mainly indoors!). 

Nowadays, though, a lot of couples just want their big day to be about having fun. That’s why the DIY festival wedding is so popular – it is the perfect option for alternative brides and grooms who simply want a chilled-out day where they, their friends and their family can all relax and have a good time.



Rather than sticking to traditional wedding formalities, the DIY festival wedding is all about creativity and fashioning the big day into something unique – whether that is with upcycled jam jars as candle holders, white-washed bedroom drawers filled with wild flowers, or a washing line where guests can peg Polaroid snaps with messages of love scrawled on them.

The bohemian, carefree spirit of the DIY festival wedding means that most of the day takes place outdoors, with food served from a stall or van and eaten on hay bales, picnic benches or blankets on the floor. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a festival wedding without live music, so most DIY weddings will have a few bands planned to really ramp up the festival fun at the after-party.

Venues can range farms and barns, to open fields with huge festival-style tipis and tents. For the little ones, there may be old-fashioned games like a coconut shy or ring toss, or perhaps a secret garden with a fairy-lit den and wooden swings.


At festivals like Glastonbury or Reading, food plays almost as large a part as the music. It’s all about vendors like wood-fired pizza caterers selling moreish and easy-to-eat street food. Serving up delicious pizza at weddings is an ideal way to keep your guests happy. Not only does it taste amazing, but it is easy to eat (use your hands!) and with a range of fresh toppings you can cater to all your guest’s tastes. Pizza is the perfect reminder of the hazy, carefree summer evenings that the festival season brings. Our pizza ovens also make a vibrant centrepiece, where guests can interact with our chefs and try a variety of wood-fired pizzas. The subtle smoky flavour of our wood-fired dough is just beautiful when washed down with some fizzing Prosecco and good music as the sun sets.

So, if you want to give your guests a DIY festival wedding dinner they’ll always remember, our wood-fired pizza options are perfect. We are at the heart of the London pizza street food scene, have catered for hundreds of weddings and parties over the years and we know you’ll be delighted!