Did you know our Margherita wood fired pizza is only 360 calories per portion (half a pizza)?

So January is over and we are well into February. With these cold and wet days it can be hard to stick to a healthy diet. Pizza is always a favorite and a real treat. But can it be healthy as well? We went to The MenuLab, a new company linked to the university of Lincoln, to get our pizza’s analysed. The basis to most of our menu is the Margherita pizza so we got that analysed first. The full pizza is 720 calories with 22g of fat, 13g saturated fat and 4g sugars. The Mozzarella cheese is the largest contributor to the calories and fat as just the base pizza dough is 468 calories per pizza with 3.4g fat, 0.5g saturated fat and 1.8g sugars.

After discussion with their nutritionist it was clear that their recommendation for a portion per adult for an evening meal is half a pizza so 360 calories, 11g of fat, 7.5g of saturated fat and 2g sugars.

Now for the toppings! Be wise with what you add and you can have a healthy option for dinner… Mushrooms or some rocket perhaps? Vegetables are always a good addition to a wood fired pizza as they add nutrients as well as usually a low amount of calories. Why not go for the Vegetarian or Five-a-Day to stock up on vegetables.

Watch out with meat if you are watching calories or if you do want the flavour, why not ask for half a portion of meat?

Did you also know the slow rising dough has health benefits? The slow proven breads like sour dough and our pizza dough are more easily digested than the more modern quick proven breads and doughs.

A quick note as we do get asked about gluten-free very often. If you book us for a party or a wedding, we can cater for all allergens including gluten. Check out our bookings page for more info.