To get the best quality pizza you need the best quality ingredients. Let’s talk about our dough. 

We use age old Italian Artisan technique when making dough. We learned this technique by completed an SNP course with the National Pizza College and Pizzerias, this is an association highly regarded in Italy.

We start early in the week to make our dough which is always fresh never frozen. First we prepare the dough by hand stretching it – with love! The secret is to slow-rise the dough which takes a minimum of 24 hours. So when you come to visit us on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday at our pitches, be aware we have been working on your convenient meal the day before to get you the best quality pizza. We take at least 24 hours to prove which is the time required for the complex sugars within the flour to breakdown. This method gives it better flavour but also means its easier digestion for you.

You may know the slow rising method from sour dough breads which are widely available now in supermarkets. This method makes our pizza dough are more easily digested than the more modern quick proven breads and doughs.

Come and enjoy one of our pizza’s made with hand stretched slow rise dough soon. For our locations see here.