As many of you know we learned the technique of Italian Artisan dough making by completing an SNP course with the National Pizza College and Pizzerias. This is an association highly regarded in Italy – we have a love for Italian food.

In Italy you see many people eating out on the street, enjoying their wood in the warm weather. We have taken this concept to the streets of Surrey. Unfortunately we have to put up with the Great British weather so we do and you still get to enjoy the food but mostly in the comfort of your own home. We love the long summer evenings where our customers come and enjoy our wood fired pizza in the park in Sanderstead or watching the cricket in Merstham.

We have been doing some ‘research’ in Italy in here our some insights into the food and behaviour on the streets of Italy:

  • Espresso is served hot and cheaper when drunk at the bar. A quick shot of caffeine before heading for off for your next task.
  • Dinner is late so if you get hungry between meals there is anti-pasta with a gold glass of vino from any bar.
  • Beauty is everywhere and everything. Beautiful clothes, smartly dressed people and beautifully presented yummy food.
  • Gelato is so popular and representative of the culture, you can even find it to display Dolce & Gabbana shoes. Try and find the all-natural one as they are popping up in the cities now.
  • Chocolate is served as little treats, maybe 15-20g so nothing like full bars of chocolate you get in England – thats a real small treat and not too damaging for your health.